Valentine's Day Gifts on A Budget

It’s the big day coming up. Don’t get caught without the perfect gift. Valentine’s day and how to look like a rock star without breaking the bank? Here’s how.


For Her:


Her favorite candy with a twist


There are few things that women love more than candy. Buy some of her favorites, but don’t just give them to her in the boring boxes they come in. Instead, put the candy in cute bottles or mason jars and decorate them with bows or notes. This shows that you put some thought into it, and she gets a cute mason jar out of it too!


DIY Mugs


Girls love cute mugs, so why not surprise her with one made just for her? Before you start thinking this is too much work, just wait; all you need is a plain mug, a paint sharpie marker and an oven. First, use the sharpie to draw quotes or designs on the mug. Next, let the mug dry for a few hours before placing it in the oven to bake. Once dry, bake the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. SO EASY, and she will love it!



For Him:


DIY Sex Tickets


Make him a bunch of personalized tickets that he can use whenever he pleases. These tickets can be anything from naughty to nice, however, naughty is more fun! Think full body massage, striptease, or fantasies. You know him best so get creative with it!


Pick Him Up in YOUR Pick UP Truck


Really give him the ride of his life! Blindfold him, throw him in the bed of pickup truck, or in the truck of your car if you prefer, and drive him out to secret location. When you arrive have a picnic waiting with his favorite foods and don’t forget his favorite beer or cocktail! This is a fun, exciting way to turn an ordinary picnic into something interesting. 



For Him or For Her:


Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.


Ever tried wearing your dessert? This is a great way to spice up a home cooked meal for that special someone. After dinner, all you need is some whipped cream and of course a cherry to top it off. Tell your special someone you have a surprise and come out wearing nothing but that whipped cream. Some chocolate syrup could be a fun add-on as well.



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