Lawson and his creative team have been the source of holiday design for my office and residence for some years now.
It is no small task given our 25 foot tall columns outside of the office and having to wrap each with garland and holiday lights. His Palmetto Tree lighting skills are unsurpassed.

He will then come downtown to my residence to create the picture perfect illumination of the house including the railings with garland, specially crafted holiday lights for the perimeter of my piazzas and then places the designer wreaths all with new hand crafted bows throughout the
exterior of the residence. Add to that picking the perfect holiday tree and ensuring perfect
placement so that the kids and I can decorate and spend quality holiday time together.
At the end of the season, it disappears as promptly as it went up.
He is my go to event producer as well and literally perfects the parties that I host
I would highly suggest using Lawson for any creative design, holiday decor projects or party/event occasion.

David Hoffman, Attorney at Law



Lawson and his team were excellent! I worked with his team on a large-scale event I put on at the Aquarium. Great communication throughout, and he was able to solve problems on the fly which made my night easier for sure. Would recommend! Jeffrey Booth Red Devil Events


The team at French Quarter Inn has used the design and decorating services of Lawson Roberts for the past several years, to oversee and complete our holiday decorations. The hotel gets compliments every year on the design and decor, which truly brings a lively holiday spirit to our business. The quality of the work, the timeliness of the installation, and the organization of the entire process all meet high expectations.


I have had the pleasure of working with Lawson Roberts and his team for well over a decade. We have traveled together to places all over the country doing events like the Super Bowl, The Masters, The Heritage, and so many great events in Charleston. He is a master at what he does. He makes the impossible happen and I look forward to working with he and his team again. Never a Dull moment!!!  Brett Mckee, Celebrity Chef


From concept through execution the Lawson Roberts team was completely on point. Every detail was thoroughly thought through, performed in the most professional manner and seemlessly completed to the delight of everyone involved. Lawson and his team helped me throw a surprise 75th Birthday Celebration with 50-60 in attendance. Every guest gushed on the success of the Celebration and this party would not have been as successful had I not asked Lawson to take on this project. Finally, the fact that I was able to enjoy the party and have a wonderful time, is just another tribute to Lawson and his team in handling every detail to the highest standard!! Jane Comfort, Social Client


Lawson put on an amazing event for my daughter’s 16th Birthday. Every detail was perfection and he went over the top to make it one of the best parties ever. From finding the venue, to vendors and decorations, all we had to do was show up and enjoy the party. He was responsive, professional and was able to give us an event and experience that was overly exceptional. I would recommend Lawson for any size event. His creativity and execution is worth the call. Thank you Lawson for an everlasting experience and memory. Charles Constant


To whom it may concern:This letter is on behalf of Lawson Roberts and my relationship with him as Event Planner for Southern Charm. During the span of 4 months, I had the pleasure of working closely with Lawson Roberts to produce on air content for the Bravo Network through Haymaker Productions. AS the Line Producer, it was always my objective to produce events that attract large audiences. I am truly a man who has a lot of demands and likes to pay very little. Mr. Roberts always presented with an array of options that would allow me to achieve my shooting goals with price points that allowed me to do several events. He is a visionary who understands television and what it takes to make a simple event turn into memorable episodes. Lawson went far beyond his normal job duties and even played a major part of making sure that my out of town crew became familiar with Charleston’s charm. His upbeat and humorous personality really made every day interesting and we were lucky to have him as part of our production team. 

It was such a pleasure having him on Southern Charm and he is my trusted source for everything fabulous in Charleston, SC. I hope that your experiences working with him exceeds the joy I had. Please feel free to contact me should I be able to answer any detailed questions regarding our events for the series. Best of luck with everything!
Warm Regards, William Oaks IV, ABC/Lincoln Square Studios

To whom it may concern:
Over the past 8 years, I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Lawson Roberts and his creative flair and excellent array of ‘unique resources’. As an event planner myself (for 28 years), I pride myself on the ability to associate with vendors who ‘can source and deliver’ prime services. Lawson has not only delivered quality services, he’s gone above and beyond to ensure my clients were always given excellent end-results. My own personal experience working with Lawson Roberts (as well as that of my clients) has always been amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.
Sincerely, Elyn Rahman – Romance Specialist

Dear Lawson,
I just wanted to take a moment t express our appreciation for the wonderful job you did on our event last month at the Old Exchange Building in Charleston. As I explained in the past, our group of YPO CEOs and their spouses have the high expectations as they are blessed with the opportunity to frequently experience numerous special and unique events. This one will go in the books as a top performer. Everything you and the team did either met or exceeded expectations. The food that Chef Brett Mckee prepared was done perfectly, served at the right temp (which is tough to do with large groups) and the group especially appreciated the authentic shrimp and grits.
Lawson, your ability to access the Emmanuel church choir made the event totally over the top. I had been trying for  months to access the choir and it was going nowhere. One call from Lawson and it was done. Your willingness to help and special connections were a great value-add. Even the Old Exchange letting you into the building later than expected didn’t trip you up.
I look forward to having the opportunity to experience one of your events again!
Best Regards, Pursuant, LLC, Mark Herbick, CEO


To whom it may concern: I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lawson Roberts most of his life. His creativity and outgoing personality have been his signature trait since forever. He’s always loved to entertain and do whatever to make people genuinely feel good and have a good time. All of these traits are Lawson’s inherent self and when coupled with attention to detail, good taste, unique style and vision you get a really terrific special events designer and producer.
If you have the opportunity to work with Lawson, you should.
Anne Lee,  Principal, Greater Good Advisors, LLC 

Dear Lawson,​
We can’t thank you enough for beautiful Christmas tree that your firm installed and decorated in the rotunda of the French Quarter Inn this past holiday season. Over the years we have had several different trees in both the lobby and the rotunda but none can compare to the wonderful 18’ tree that y’all did. Our guest comments were off the charts and the most asked question was, “where do you get that beautiful tree?”. The fame of your tree spread throughout the city and residents in the neighborhood as well as tour guides in the area would come by to admire its beauty. Being able to store and reuse this tree and its decorations for years to come is also such a big plus. Agains again for helping make the French Quarter Inn the number 1 Christmas spot in Charleston.
All the best to you and your family in 2019.  Jay Keenan, Managing Member, French Quarter Inn

Lawson saved the day for our Fur Ball event in November! We had the theme, place, and food set, we just wanted his creative mind to have our fantasy Mad Hatter ball to come to life. Thank you for all your help, wonderful ideas and we are looking forward to working with him again.
Dawn Kahley 
Director of Development
Pet Helpers



“They call him the fairy godfather! He took a vision my husband had & made it happen. He went way above & beyond what I could have ever thought that night would have been. I only wish I was the lucky one that was able to work with him on this but to even have this talented brilliant designer do this is a dream, I was so surprised by everything. Lawson thank you for not only creating something so beautiful & perfect but also making this so much fun for Ben & not a stressful task, he enjoyed working with you & I am honored that you were the one who executed it all!”

A. Cagle


“Lawson did such an amazing job with our wedding weekend! He made sure that my husband and I enjoyed every second. What we forgot, he remembered. The setting was gorgeous and he and his team were impeccable with every detail. All of our guest loved every second of both events and we owe it all to Lawson!”

J. Cumming


“My partner and I got hitched in Charleston and we used Lawson to coordinate our wedding. It was the BEST weekend of our lives thanks to Lawson and his team! Thank you Lawson!”
Stephen Birchall


“I had known Lawson for over 15 yrs, but I’d never hired him. I had never seen him in action until the night of our dinner party. I decided I wanted to hire a private chef to come into our home and cook for us and our friends. Lawson suggested I let him handle the “party” part of the night. Being a control freak and always the “hostess”, I didn’t see the need. He insisted. I am so glad I listened to him. I literally touched nothing ALL night except my wine glass. He took care of every little detail. From votive candles, to flower vases spread around the room and tables, to the silverware, plates, bowls, wine glasses, (for 5 pairings of wine), linens, tables, chairs. All those things were delivered, set up and my house was transformed into a gorgeous setting. He brought uplights to set the mood. It could not have been more perfect. When it was all said and done, my guests didn’t even know his staff were here. They were like ninjas making sure every little thing was taken care of and nobody wanted for anything. I can’t imagine EVER having another dinner party any other way now. I am now a spoiled brat, and I want him all the time. Everything was cleaned up, picked up and put back just the way they found it. The stress it took off me was amazing. One of our guests actually admitted he’d learned more about me and my husband that one night in 2 hours than he had in the 5 yrs we’d been friends. That says something. I had time to spend quality time with my friends and that is a priceless experience! The party was 3 weeks ago, and my friends are STILL talking about it. I don’t have enough space to express how happy I was with this experience! The 12 of us are looking forward to the next dinner party. We’re making this a regular thing.”

L. Carson


“Lawson Roberts truly is a master at turning the impossible into the possible. I am actually able to have fun @ my own events because I always know that I can rely on his attention to detail, creativity, & organization. And his team is of the same caliber as well. I highly recommend using him for events both big & small, as I have.”

Jennifer Snowden

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