Sunday Morning Mimosa

Sunday Morning Mimosa


Welcome to The Sunday Morning Mimosa, your ultimate big brunch show podcast hosted by the dynamic duo, Lawson and Dominica. Join us as we serve up the perfect blend of entertainment and enlightenment to kickstart your Sunday morning in style.

Picture this: you’re cozied up with a warm cup of coffee or perhaps a refreshing mimosa, ready to dive into the juiciest gossip, latest celebrity news, and all things lifestyle related. With Lawson and Dominica at the helm, you’re in for a treat as they bring you the hottest topics and trends of the week, served with a side of wit and charm.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just here to spill the juice; we’re also your go-to destination for the ultimate Sizzling Sunday soundtrack. Enjoy the hand picked tunes carefully curated to set the perfect vibe for your weekend wind-down.

Tune in every Sunday just after 1 pm, and let Lawson and Dominica be your companions as you ease into the day with laughter, music, and plenty of entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a dose of laughter, some insightful conversation, or a simple way to unwind, The Sunday Morning Mimosa has got you covered.

So, grab your favorite brunch beverage, sit back, and join us for a Sunday morning like no other. Because with The Sunday Morning Mimosa, your Sundays will never be the same again. Cheers to good company, great conversation, and a whole lot of fun!



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