TOP 6 Presents To Get YOUR Man For Valentine's Day!

Alright ladies.. So here’s the thing. I’m so A.D.D.  I think most guys are and what makes Valentine’s even ore awkward is what the heck do you get us on the big day? I mean you could do flowers or chocolate. Or. . .you  could check out some of these amazing items. So if you’re scrambling to find your man a present he will actually appreciate for Valentine’s Day, this is the post for you! We have the inside scoop from the founder of menswear site JackThreads, Jason Ross. Take notes ladies because these are the gifts he suggests for your man…

1. Lomography Camera- Your boy doesn’t have to be a photography expert or guru for that matter… he can have fun with one of these lightweight, affordable cameras — our favorite? FISHEYE!!


2. Johnny Walker Engraved Bottle- This might be our favorite suggestion. Obviously any guy would enjoy a bottle of Whiskey but putting an engraving on it makes it all the more personal. Write a cute message like “I love you”.



3. Love is Art Kit- This gift is for all you sexual couples out there- get your man excited! Basically you use your own bodies to spread washable paint all around a large canvas. Accompany this gift with a bottle of wine and you have a romantic evening with your significant other. 



4. Nike Fuelband- Is your man an athlete? Get him this watch-like band to help him keep track of his daily fitness activities. You know he’ll feel like quite the macho man tracking his daily workout regimen. 



5. Chocri Design Your Own Chocolate Bar- Guys get excited about chocolate too.. don’t let them fool you. Get him these customized chocolate bars. With a variety of chocolate to chose from, different toppings, and personalized notes, this is a fun way to incorporate a sweet gift into your man’s heart! 



6. iPad Mini with a Personal Video- Can’t go wrong with gadgets for your man. This is one of the more expensive gifts, but you know one he will truly appreciate. Make it Valentine’s Day approved with a pre-loaded private video and some sexy playlists. 


Hopefully this helped a bit ladies!! Remember, if you’re in a bind… keep it simple. We hope your Valentine’s Day is romantic and fun!! Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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