Lawson Roberts-The Gift That Keeps Giving: Your Perfect Hostess Gift

We can’t tell you how many emails we get wondering what to bring as a hostess gift.  When you’ve been invited to a dinner party or cocktail event, you hate showing up empty handed. I’ve got  some fun, non traditional ideas that work out really well in all social occasions.

I always say, one of the biggest mistakes that people make when going to someone’s house or apartment is they might bring something that requires immediate attention by the host/hostess. This is a huge no no!!! The idea of a hostess gift is that they get to enjoy it once they are done entertaining. In another words DON’T bring some casserole appetizer thing that needs to be heated up unless you have discussed it well in advance. Nothing can be worse than throwing off the sync of the flow of the oven! I mean we are not Le Bernadin and don’t have 5 ovens. Food has been carefully planned out for length of use and order of use. Don’t be that person.

With that said, here are some fun ideas to try.

The Bottle of Wine: I don’t care how boring this may seem to you. This is always a home run. Here’s the deal though, make sure to put it in a cute wine bag and make sure your host/hostess knows it’s for them to open later and for them to enjoy LATER. These days, Lawson says you can have it personalized for them. How cute right?!!

A cocktail recipe book: While many people have great collections of cookbooks, there are fewer people who have great collections of cocktail recipe books. A cocktail recipe book is a fun and whimsical hostess gift.

Unscented candles: This is something we never thought of, but Lawson makes a great point. Scented candles are a matter of taste, and they set off some people’s allergies. Unscented candles, especially tapers, make excellent hostess gifts.

Gourmet coffee: Of course, this works as a hostess gift if you know that your hostess drinks coffee. If you have a favorite coffee roaster near your job, swing by and pick up a bag of coffee for the hostess after work. Avoid flavored coffee beans though, as these, like the candles might be subject to taste; stick to basic roasts.

A jar of gourmet jam or local yums: Charleston has a great selection of locally-made preserves and local flavors are fair game as hostess gifts.

Whimsical disposable cocktail accessories: Things like paper straws, chocolate straws, cocktail umbrellas, or a package of cute disposable cups are fun hostess gifts.


Wine Club Membership: This is a fun one. It depends on the level of investment you wish to make. How much fun to have your host/hostess receive a bottle of wine from you each month? You don’t have to do it for a year either. 3 months is a gracious plenty (as some of my southern friends say). 

Cordial Glasses: Thank them by purchasing something really fun. How about a really fun and colorful set of cordial glasses?

DO NOT buy a plant or flowers and bring them with you that night!! HUGE NO NO!!!! Remember we are not trying to create more work for our host/hostess. What you can do is order a thank you orchid and have it sent over the next day with your thank you note.  I do so LOVE simple orchids.


Heirloom Veggies: Is you host/hostess big into cooking? How about sending them Heirloom vegetables? There are clubs that you can join them into that will ship fresh veggies to their home. This is so cool!!! Again, we’re not talking a year’s worth either.

Date Night to the Movies: Give your host/hostess a gift card to the nearest movie theater. Some movie theaters these days are serving cocktails and full dinners. It is a perfect gift.

Remember, it is ALWAYS appropriate to have something for your host/hostess. I hope you enjoy some of these options. Sincerely, Lawson Roberts

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