Spicy Crab Stuffed Cucumbers– Lawson Robert's Special

I get tired of the same old same old for starters. Why not spice up your life and do something fun. These are so easy and look fabulous to serve.




Cucumber Cups Stuffed with Spicy Crab




                  3 long cucumbers


                  1/4 cup sour cream


                  1/4 cup cream cheese, softened


                  3/4 cup crab meat, excess water removed


                  1 tsp hot pepper sauce (Tabasco or tapito)


                  1 tsp brown mustard


                  Salt and pepper to taste


                  1 tbs minced green onion


                  Garnish with chili powder or paprika if desired





Remove the peel from the cucumbers using a vegetable peeler. 


Cut the cucumber into 2 inch slices. Using a small melon baller, scoop out most of the inside. 


You want to leave the walls and a thick portion of the bottom intact.


In a bowl, combine the sour cream and the cream cheese with a fork until well combined.


 Add the remaining ingredients and stir until combined. 


Fill each of the cucumber cups with the crab dip. Refrigerate until ready to serve. 


Serve within 2 hours of making.




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