Signature iPhone Covers and Designer Converse for Take-away Items? Its Being Done

Ok, we all attended them at one point or another. It is coming of age thing for all kids. . either the Bar/Bat mitzvah party or the sweet 16. Clearly, it’s not my first rodeo producing either of these events. What is the one thing that people look for from an event planner on these types of parties? How to keep the kids busy so they won’t be “getting busy!”

Well I thought I would share a couple of cool trends for these parties. Obviously, budget is always a factor. However, I will show some really great ideas if budget was not an issue and for those a little more concerned with their budgets.


The Social Network:


What is the one thing that these kids all have in common? a face book and or twitter accounts. Create an I-pad zone where they can update their status right there and bring in a social media company to collect those status updates and tweets and project them on a wall somewhere within the event space. This will keep them busy for hours and they will love to see what each other is writing. Now of course our our social media producers will be watching for any non-airable material.



Customized Phone Cover Lounge:


The kids will go crazy over this one where they can make their own signature i-phone or blackberry phone cover. The one above is by Marc Jacobs. 


If budget is no issue at all: get a bunch of Converse shoes and create your own look for a signature take away item. How cool to have your own child’s logo and put it on a shoe for a take away item. Jeff Zucker  formerly from NBC Universal did just that for his son Andrew’s bar mitzvah the other day.

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