Sensible Scents Around Food For Your Fourth

I know what you’re thinking. Who the heck wants to be bugged by all of these bugs this season. If you’re from down south where it was unseasonably warm this Winter and quite wet this Spring, that means one thing. MOSQUITOES!!!!!

I can’t stand them. I am always looking for ways to keep them away from us while still allowing for an enjoyable outing for the Fourth. I was recently in Yankee Candle and came across the  Bug Free Candles. These things are great!

One of the biggest problems  I have with citronella on tables or even around anywhere is that it smells so bad and without even trying can taint the smell of your food. These candles I have found do not have ANY scent at all and work exactly like Citronella!!!!! BONUS.

Here is what I am doing this season. Take 3 vessels and fill with water. Add blue food coloring to one, add red to another and leave the 3rd clear. This creates your red white and blue theme. Float the candles in them and you’re all set.


(This shot taken from a recent NBC appearance I did)

It’s an easy and chic way to keep the bugs away from the party!

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