SEEING STARS in Charleston!

It was a typical Wednesday. I met my production manager for a creative strategy session on a design proposal that I am working on. We started by meeting at the Cocktail Club. It’s a great place to enjoy the fall air and be inspired.

We sat for at least 2 hours working on fresh new ideas for living art pieces, interactive art, and group amenities.

WE Immediately got to work designing and chatting as we do. I then remembered our friend Nathan Thurston’s new restaurant Stars had just opened and we had not been in yet.

I know what you’re thinking! What . . .Lawson had not been in. I’ll let you in on my little secret. I try my hardest NOT to drop into a new restaurant or bar for at least 2 weeks. I don’t care what it is you say. if you have a bad time and experience  slow service or something is not to your liking, (even though they’re new) it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth. First impressions are just that, first impressions.

Well we met one of my best girl friends and her boy friend over there and as we walked in, I was totally transported. The space was HUGE! Bartenders in white dinner coats, crisp white shirts, attentive servers. . . It was delightful. I asked about how to get up stairs and was escorted up 3 flights by one of their fun servers.

The roof top bar is by far the largest on the peninsula. It has some amazing views. I was particularly impressed with their furniture choices. I was NOT impressed with their limited wine selection. All of their wines by the glass are on tap. Which leaves it to basically one per varietal. I will say what they chose to be on tap was well thought of. We tried to order food on the roof and were told they were not quite at that point yet. I of all people totally get that. So does Chef Thurston. Nate wants everything to be flawless. He told me last Friday alone they had over 1000 guests between up and down!

We came down just to grab a quick bite. Chef sent out his signature roasted oysters with asiago cheese. . .YUM! We then ordered the “mini burger” there is nothing mini about these and yet the price is only $10.75. Well played.


Make a point to drop in to Stars at 495 King Street.

Halloween is approaching. I have a fabulous design idea to share with you soon!!!


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