New York is Really a Small Town! Well Small World Anyways!

This is part one of the NYC blog. The other half is coming tomorrow. Please enjoy.

You know in a city of upwards of 9 million people like New York, is it just possible that in our entertainment and events world that it means running into people all over the island? It just often strikes me as crazy that literally upwards of 9 million people live on this island and our event and entertainment world is so small. Ok so here’s some of the fun that we had while up in the NYC offices this past week.


When I got in on Wednesday, there were still huge piles on snow on the ground. I was to meet up with my friend Michael Longoria who played the Franki Valli Role in Jersey Boys. we went to a little Mexican restaurant called Ariba Ariba in Hells Kitchen. Fabulous place. . from the 70s disco music to the cool yet risque paintings on the wall. Michael and I caught up after seeing his Midtown Men show in Charleston. It was nice to enjoy a margarita and some mexican. It was even Gayer than Santi’s. 



We then walked a block and half around the corner to this really fabulous bar called Industry. It was packed even at 8:00. We ran into Daniel another mid town man and one of his friends. we enjoyed the fun music and cocktails there. This bar/lounge was quite remarkable. great vibrant colors, beautiful people everywhere and really impressive lounges.

That is where I made my exit to the Plaza Hotel’s Oak Room to catch up with an industry Partner of mine and see a vocalist and Jazz Trumpet player by the name of Brian Newman.


Brian’s style is very similiar to Buble. He’s got the entire package for entertaining. He can sing, he plays the hell out of the trumpet and is just an incredible performer. We had settled in to enjoy a cocktail and in walked Lady Gaga along with her boy friend Luc and a few others. I have to tell you she was quite the cool lady to sit down and chat with. She graduated from the Tish School of the arts in the city with a vocal major. As it turns out, she has quite the presence when it comes to playing jazz.

She rocked out an incredible version of Gershwin’s Someone to Watch Over Me. check out the clip: Lady Gaga sings Gershwin at our table at the Oak Room.


The Night ended with being quoted for Page 6 about the entire experience. It is days and nights like this that keep me energized in the city and just continually adoring what I do.



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