New Year, New Trends!

Happy New Year to you! Wow, we have been busy! I first have to go on record to thank you for making 2012 the very best year we have ever had to date. I am looking over the books for 2013 and things are shaping up to be the same.

Now to get down to business. Each year, wedding trends seem to change. I am not claiming to have ESP. however, what I do know is that things vary from year to year and I think you will be amazed as to what fabulous trends are shaping up this year. I am going to share 6 with you.

Whether your wedding is southern in Charleston, Country in the Hamptons, or in the middle of the city,  we are seeing all kinds of fun for 2013 with options.

1. PATTERNS: are huge for 2013. Think Chevron to stripes. . .especially on runners and even bow ties for the boys. Gingham is going to be seen as well as paisley. Now remember a little paisley goes a long way.




2. GROOMS ROOM/RECEPTION LOUNGE: This is a respite away from the craziness of the band/DJ dancing etc. It’s a space that people are loving this year. A great idea for this space: feature a locally crafted microbrew, some finger foods and voila the perfect get away.



F-U-N Weddings are not supposed to be serious!!!! Let’s have some fun and celebrate. Think  carnival food passed at cocktail hour including  snow cones, cotton candy in the Spring.



 I even see Fried Twinkies!!!!

Make your cocktail hour interactive. There is nothing worse than being bored at the cocktail hour and not knowing anyone!!! We’ve all been there. So give your guests games. Shuffleboard, horse shoes, corn hole, bocce ball.



Add in dance instructors to guarantee everyone gets on the dance floor.

 A fabulous famous idea that I adore using is the live event artist who will paint the entire event LIVE and have it completed by the end of the party.


Another HUGE idea is food trucks. Have your favorite Food Truck come in and serve amazing bites for your guests. Mini Grilled Cheese and Pomme Frites. YES PLEASE???


LOCALIZED WEDDINGS: Whether you’re in your home town or at a destination, each city is know for something. Incorporate that into the wedding weekend. Craft Beers, Artisinal cheeses, there’s always something that is signature to that city.


I can not tell you how happy I am to see shabby chic disappear off the face of the planet. 20’s elegance is returning in all her glory. I could not be more excited. Think inspiration from old world glam! Gatsby, Downtown Abbey. . .oh yeah. . you’re picking up what I’m putting down.  Decadent fabrics, costume jewelry. . it’s all back!! Explore, play and lavishly live it up!

These are just a few things I am seeing this year. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop me a line or comment right here. Until next time, Happy events!



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