Mother's Day Musts

If your mother is any thing like mine, she had a huge  almost unmistakable influence in your life. So with that being said, every year I challenge myself to find some really great non traditional gift for her. I mean let’s face it flowers are fine, but so kind of overdone and overplayed. So here are some really fun options that you can get mom this year and gain some mega points.  Remember, your secret is safe with me as well.


One of the biggest gifts you can give mom this year is the gift of your time. Make dinner (and wash the dishes.) Hand write a card for her telling her how much she means to you. They say, one of the greatest gifts one can give to anyone else is the gift of themselves.


Now on with ideas that you can buy that are tres chic!!


For the Mom who has everything! This is like my mother. She is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for.


The OXO Box Grater is the perfect gift for the mom who already has every kitchen gadget. It has a compact design and features four different grating surfaces. The large stainless steel coarse surfaces are well-suited for grating vegetables and cheese, while the super-fine surface allows you to grate nutmeg and ginger with ease. Best of all, the grater comes with a storage container with a non-slip ring and measurement markings. This affordable, handy tool will allow mom to cut down on clean-up time and make it super easy for her to store freshly grated ingredients.



Can’t afford to take Mom to Tuscany this year? Give her the next best thing and buy her Diptyque’s Cypr├Ęs candle. This luxury candle captures the Italian Cypress aroma with a spicy, woodsy blend with an oak tree finish. Renowned French perfume house Diptyque uses only natural ingredients when composing their scents and their candles are guaranteed to burn for 60 hours. This candle is truly perfume for the home.


Flowers are always the winning thing me. My mother adores fresh flowers. 



Go for the tummy! Brunch is one thing. However, show your creative side and make her dinner!


Happy Mother’s day to all!





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