Lawson's Top 5 Must-Haves To The Perfect Wedding Reception

So he popped the question. Now what? The awestruck feeling came when he popped the question, but now you have to start planning!

 Let me help you by offering you the top 5 things you need at your reception so you don’t leave anything out!




1. Serve a leisurely dinner. 



Instead of serving a fast paced three course meal, stretch dinner out over four or five smaller courses. Throw in a surprise between dishes. Maybe a funny toast from the crazy uncle or a short performance from talented person in your family. Doing such will make your guests feel like they are having a night on the town with dinner and show!


2. Play Danceable Music


Whether you have hired a DJ or a band, make sure you talk to the, before hand to discuss playlists, mood, and genres. Having a packed dance floor is a sign of a great party, so don’t let the guest down with unsatisfying tunes! Now is not the time to show off your alternative taste in music. Play things people know like Madonna and let them dance!


3. Add a lounge to the reception


Instead of having your guests sit arounnd the same dinner table all night, create a lounge space where people can mingle besides the dance floor. This way non-dancing guests can socialize and still be entertained. A change of environment will promote conversation. 


4. Have a game plan for kids


Keep the kids entertained and let the parents enjoy the night without their little rascals hanging on them. If you can swing it, hire a baby sitter to watch after the little ones in a space where they can color, watch a movie, and play with people their own age. If a baby sitter isn’t in the budget, a kids table with candy and coloring books will do just as well. 


5. Plan seating assignments thoughtfully



This might sound obvious, but do think about it! Seat your guests with people they are familiar and will get along with! A well planned seating chart allows for  great conversation, social environment, and night of dancing.

The wedding reception is the grand celebration of your new life! It has to be perfect so take your time in planning and pay attention to details. Conversation, food, music, and entertainment are everything. By incorporating my top 5 reception must haves, your reception is sure to be one for the books!


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