Lawson's Tips To Survive Holiday Parties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Amazing parties, mistletoe, lots of fabulous food and cocktails and of course your company holiday party. Here are some of my top tips to keep you from being “THAT” person being spoken about  on Monday at the water cooler.



How many is too many?

No one wants to admit this. You can not hold your liquor after a certain number of cocktails. Listen, just because there is an open bar, does not make it a sprint to the finish line and get hammered. It’s a marathon. Literally try limiting yourself to 2 maybe 3 all night. Listen, the holiday party does not go all night. Head somewhere else to get sloppy. Don’t do it in front of your boss.


The Day after the party is NOT a sick day

Let’s say you did tie one on anyways. The next day is NOT the day to call in sick. If you do, everyone will know why! Pop that aspirin and come one in and get work done.


Eat Well

If you can’t drink like you want, hit up that buffet like you own it baby!  Enjoy the food that is being offered. Great food great times!


Dress Up

This isn’t a call to wear what you would wear to the club! This is more of an idea to dress up and look your best.


No Kissing

Even if the mistletoe is close, this is definitely not that time to head after your office crush. Again, you only have to be at the party for a certain amount of time. Go somewhere else and have fun.


Schmooze with Spouses

Not everyone is smart enough to take my advice (how dare they!) so if all of your coworkers bring their spouses, then it’s time for you to get to work. Here is the secret to working an office party: don’t go and brown nose your boss, get friendly with his or her spouse. Putting your nose halfway up your boss’ ass is so transparent that everyone is going to see what you’re doing. But if you talk to his or her significant other, then you’re just being a good sport. 


Don’t Talk Shop!

If you really want to get ahead at the office, people need to think you have a life outside of it. Talk to people about their hobbies and interests. Ask people where their kids are going to school and how their parents are doing after that operation. You don’t even really have to listen, but just let people ramble on and on about themselves for a bit. They’ll think you’re cool. They’ll think you’re a friend. 

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