Lawson's Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving right around the cornor I wanted to give you some fabulous ways to change up your traditional holiday! 


All GOLD: Instead of traditional fall colors, try this gold metallic of Thanksgiving. Simply paint 3 medium sized pumpkins gold and spray paint individual pine combs. 


DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces: Roses, mums, and broom cob in a pumpkin “vase”.


1. Cut out pumpkin stem using vase. 


2. Use an ice cream scoop to get all seeds out of pumpkin


3. Put vase inside pumpkin and fill with water


4. Add roses, mums & broom cob in a pumpkin vase. 




Last minute turkey make of fruit: apples, bananas and strawberries. 


Birch bark arrangement: Staple birch bark to a pine box to create a rustic vessel for this arrangement. Use assorted flowers, foliage, and fruit to creat a custom centerpiece. 


Personalized embellishments: Enhance your upcoming Thanksgiving party by adding touches of elegance and personalized embellishments to your tabletop, Find objects from nature with paint, ribbon, and glitter.


Fall harvest: Hot Spiced apple cider, fresh doughnuts and pewter goblets. 



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