Sunday Morning Mimosa

Lawson’s Story of The Sunday Morning Mimosa



I got my start in radio at the ripe young(oxymoron intended) of 11. This was partially due to my aunt Sally who was an executive at a radio station in Charleston. I caught the bug even before that. Always wanted to the “famous.”


I went from doing voice work on commercials as a child to doing weekend air shifts by 13 and never looked back. I mean how much fun was I having. That turned into me hosting Teen Talk that was nationally syndicated and I toured the country giving talks about it.


Flash forward to 24 years old and I sat down with a program director and a Sunday lifestyle show was pitched to me. I wanted something with music and talk and The Sunday Morning Mimosa Show was born.


Now 24 years later, I could not be happier how the show has gone and where it came from. Dominica and I bring freshly squeezed entertainment and pop topics to you every Sunday and we would love to have you tune in. You can find us right here.

Thanks so very much for making us a part of your weekend routine.

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