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Lawson’s Hot Hostess Gifts – My Top 5 Ideas For You!

 Not sure what to give the hostess? Show your thanks to hostess by looking at these top five fantastic gifts. These will surely get you another invite.It’s the age old question, what to bring to bring for your host when they have invited you to a party. The answer is ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS bring something! 

Bubbles or Wine

If you’re in a real hurry, the best go to gift is a fine bottle of champagne or wine. It may seems obviously easy, but choosing something with a less common brand name, will show your gratitude. If you choose to bring a bottle of liquor, it will most likely be opened at the party. However, with a bottle of wine, the host will likely want to save it for themselves to enjoy on a later date. 

Specialty Items


Perhaps you have been invited to a daytime barbecue or a brunch. Offering a zesty bottle of olive oil or a basket of specialty jams is just the ticket to show that you thought ahead. Remember to make these items look special. Visit your local farmers market and buy something homemade, not the regular grocery store brand. 

Fun Flowers

Maybe the host is a hectic hot mess. The perfect gift in this situation is to just bring flowers. It’s simple, they look lovely, and are already taken care of. Just make sure you buy them or put them in a vase ahead of time so the host isn’t scrambling to find on the night of the event. 


Wine Glasses

When you’ve been invited to stay for more than just a meal and a cocktail, be sure to give a gift that really surprises the host. You may be spending the weekend at their beach cottage or lake home. The perfect gift is to give a household tool you know the host will get a lot of use out of. Maybe she and her hubby are wine connoisseurs. Consider a set of stemless wine glasses or a wine aerator. 



If you are dumbstruck by the host and can’t quite figure out how she does it, consider a more quantity based gift. This way, she can share it with the whole family and relax once the chaos and madness has ended. A basket of splendid chocolates and fruits is sure to make the entire crew happy. In this case, quantity is just as valuable as quality.


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