Lawson's Guide To Fantastic Flowers

Centerpieces for a are the most stylish way to vamp up your table. Whether it be a wedding, summer picnic, or a chic lunch gathering, these simple DIY centerpieces are an awesome way to “wow” your guests. Here are some of my favorite ensembles which incorporate florals along with obscure items you surely have laying around the house. 



The Preppy Pineapple Centerpiece 


Hollow out a pineapple with a carving knife so there is enough space to tightly fit this lovely array of florals!

-Hot Pink Roses


-Bush Peonies

-Mini Calla


Revamping the Kitchen Canister 


Kitchen Canisters make for a great impromptu vase at a backyard country chic picnic. 

To replicate this floral display, mix tulips with wild flowers and group the blossoms at stem length. Make sure you leave enough green in the mix so the ensemble is full and lush!


Citrus Fruit Bouquet


Zest isn’t the only way to use a citrus! By slicing a lemon width wise into 1/4 inch pieces, you can arrange the lemon against a glass water pitcher and add the flowers of your choosing! I enjoy using pink and purples florals which make the yellow really pop!



Inverted Wine Glasses with Tea Candles


By inverting a wine glass and a placing a simple tea candle on top, you can easily light up a table for a night time dinner party. Use a mirror to add a reflection and extra light.


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