Lawson's Creative DIY Centerpieces

I am always asked to create something new and creative for centerpieces. I thought I would share some fabulous ideas with you getting set for Easter.



Centerpiece doesn’t have to mean standard bouquet. After all, they are the center. For something with such focus, it ought to be perfect. Get creative with these fabulous DIY ideas without breaking the bank.




Being healthy is the new black, so get organic- with your vases? Yes! Simply spread thick floral moss on your floral containers using a hot-glue gun. For a slightly different direction, use lemon leaves with a spray adhesive, applying them to the container one at a time.




Assemble a test-tube style centerpiece packed with your choice of a single bloom or beautiful herbs. Herbs I think look particularly gorgeous are basil, rosemary, and curly parsley.




So I know being healthy and organic is “in”, but asparagus? You heard right. Pairing a bundle of asparagus with tulips creates the illusion the flowers are growing from within.

How to: Fill a six-inch-wide frosted vase with tulips (or a flower of your choice). Stretch two rubber bands or more around the diameter of the vase. Use two-dozen asparagus spears to tuck inside the rubber bands.




The bizarre food turned decor doesn’t stop there! Tomatoes are great for the more rustic weddings. Their rich color and varying sizes and shapes emulate a sensual, sculptural still-life. Try bright red chili peppers or clusters of basil if you wish to add more animation. I turn to Martha Stewart for this example below.




For a classic look, go for the gold. Use old wine bottles and spray paint them with a metallic gold. Use the bottles as flower vases, leaving some of the bottles empty for a more designer made effect. Add wheat to a few vases with or without the floral for a natural look.




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