Lawson's Buffet Tips To Fantastic Food Displays

Buffets are a spectacular way to serve food at any size party. Big or small, a buffet-scape is the best way to creatively show off your food and the best part is they are hassle free! Easy clean up and your guests can serve themselves! Here are a few pointers for your next buffet.


1. Rather than spreading all the food out across the table, make the selection look abundant and plentiful by grouping it together. I call it layering. Add some florals or greenery at the ends of the table to make the display burst to life. Candle are great too! Big or small, a little fire element make a tablescape illuminate!




2. Keep the food pyramid in mind! Have a the option of vegetables, protein, salad, and a grain based dish in order to keep things balanced. In the summertime, salmon or swordfish is both refreshing and a lovely surprise for guests. Put a nice salsa sauce on the side and call it an evening!





3. Don’t be afraid of surf n’ turf. In case you are tight on space, a great way to serve this dish is by placing the fish and salad on one side of a center piece and then putting the meat and potatoes on the other. If you want to really shake things up and have multiples proteins, be sure to display them in different platters so the sauces and flavors don’t blend. Offering an array of meats is the perfect way to lavish a party.



4.  If spacing permits, have a wine and cheese bar at the very end of the table. Have fresh plates and wine glasses wait for your guests so they can help themselves. Pick out cheeses that compliment the wine and even add a bowl of nuts. Grape and apple slices also go perfectly with an arangemen like this.





5. Is your buffet outside? Only uncover the food until right before serving. Make sure you have enough citronella candles and bug repellant to keep insects at bay. If you are in a mosquito ridden environment, set up the buffet in a space where they may be lessened, such as a patio, porch, or under a tent if you are having one. Try not to just set the buffet up in your yard where bugs are manifesting. 



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