Lawson's Adult Easter Baskets

For year’s parents get annoyed at me as the “Fairy God Father” I always make the best Easter Baskets for the kids. I also ensure there is a ton of candy and sugar in them. So I’ll hook my God Children up and just as soon as they start to bounce off the walls, I totally peace out and leave and head to the next  family’s house leaving the parents with some seriously hyper active kids! hahahah!!!! Being a single God Father has to have a few perks!


Now that said, I always think that we adults should enjoy Easter and the perks just as much as the kids. So I have devised the perfect basket for him or her.


So let’s start with what we should put in the basket.



Canned Rose is a perfect way to start. You can find it right here:








Raspberry & Hibiscus Marshmallow Cookie Party Pack, $24








Bogeys Beef







Just some fun ideas to stuff the baskets with. Keep up with all things entertaining style and fun by following me on instagram right here.





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