Lawson Shares A Sincere Thank You

One of the things growing up in the public spotlight taught me was how to remain calm and collected in any situation. I once had a good friend who has since left this earth tell me that people in general no matter how much you wish that they would, do not wish for you to succeed. As a matter of fact they wish for the just the opposite (FAILURE). 


Growing up I never understood that. It always hurt my feelings to think about it. As I have gotten older and can see what some people are really about, nothing surprises me.


Most recently, as we have been celebrating some major milestones in the company, there was one of these situations. I have taken the high road and not come back publicly. I just don’t believe in stoking a fire that is all but out anyways. 


What I will say is this. Thank You! I have some of the most loyal caring fans, friends, family and clients. It is entirely through your support that I grow as a person and push my team even harder to make the best of what we are and present.


I am blessed to have each of you in my life and look forward to HUGE things in the very near future. I am excited to share with you that as of yesterday, we have a sales force repping the @lawsonroberts brand in Los Angeles. We are already hard at work on the west coast and look forward to sharing our work with you there too.


In the mean time, just a sincere thank you from me and more to come very soon.


Lawson Roberts
Executive Producer
Lawson Roberts, LLC

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