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Take a look y’all. I couldn’t be more excited to share with you my brand new website. It has been a labor of love for some months now. Laura Carson and her team at Kalson Media made the magic happen. She has been in my head and helped showcase how we do what we do. Perfecting parties are our specialty.

That said, it’s a whole new world out there. Safety is the number one concern with planning your party. I have created a list of just how we ensure that we carefully curate, safely serve, and perfect your party.


Food Service: Long gone are the days of the salad bar, ice carving with jumbo shrimp and oysters for all to grab, or double dip in the cocktail sauce. Dinner buffets are now a thing of the past in most situations. COVID has changed everything. Here are some solutions for you:

Pre-plate your salads for guests. This is usually done anyways. We are now also doing individually curated  plates and mini displays for guests. Try using a 3.5 ounce shot glass and place cocktail sauce inside and place 2-3 jumbo shrimp inside the shot glass. It works perfectly.

Instead of your dinner buffets, create stations that have the shields in front of them. Each chef wearing a mask and gloves will personally plate for each guest and allow the guest to grab their mini plate. This also helps with waste as there is always that one person who loads up on the seafood and beef.

Beverage Service: As long as they have their masks and gloves on, serving guests at a bar is quite simple. WE do not suggest doing large displays of champagne or craft cocktails/speciality drinks. You certainly may have them but offer them individually or have your server pass them on a tray. Just make sure that your server is the one to hand them to the guests.


Guests: It is super important to ensure that your guests feel safe and welcome. Sanitizing stations are key all around the event space. If you’re looking for a great resource for this, try using our colleagues at Innovative Event Services.

They have some really nice hand sanitizing stations that are both dark and light in color depending on your design.

We also like to offer each guest their own individual hand sanitizing spritzer. We found some at the Striped Pig Distillery in Charleston that are airline mini bottles with spritzers on them. Super cute and are super cost effective.

Social Distancing:  You can do a sit down dinner. It just has to be well thought out.  It is very important to make sure 6 feet is kept between tables. It is also important for you to  seat less than what you would normally sit at a table. This sounds easy. However, when you are limited in space, it can be more challenging than you think. We have an awesome program that can help with this.

Having Fun:  One of the reasons to utilize our services is that we are trained and specialize in all of these details. It’s never any fun to work your party. It’s so much more fun to attend and enjoy your party.

Allow our creative team to perfect your party. [email protected].

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