Lawson Roberts Smashing Mashed Potatoes

It’s funny, as I post pics from dinner parties I attend, I am often asked how did I prepare that recipe. You know I am not one of these cooks that likes to measure anything. I season for flavor and taste. So please keep that in mind. However here is the recipe for my Southern Smashed Potatoes:


  • 2 bags mixed color mini potatoes from Whole Foods
  • 1 stick of salted butter (yes the entire stick)
  • Enough cream so it thickens but not runny- Use heavy Cream ( I am not supposed to have that but a taste here and there of the potatoes didn’t kill me) It could have been the amount of wine in my system at the time as well.
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Powder- I’d say probably 4 table spoons or so
  • Lawrys Seasoning Salt
  • 3 nuggets of fresh garlic diced hard
  • 4 pieces of scallions

Literally that’s it. If I had some goat cheese, I would have put it in there as well. However, we didn’t and certainly didn’t miss it.

I cheated and took electric beaters and got the ball rolling with the mashing. I then finished with the and masher. All goes into a mixing bowl and you keep adding whatever you think you’re missing if anything until it tastes perfect. I can assure you with that amount of butter and enough cream everything tastes lovely.


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