Lawson Roberts' Posh Pool Parties!

Pool parties can be super blah or super Bad ASS!

 Make a splash by throwing one of the hottest pool parties by using some of my favorite decor, drinks, and poolside snacks! These ideas are easy to replicate and even more fun to enjoy. 






There are many ways to decorate your pool for a night time event and floating florals are one of them! Large and lovely, artificial or real, a floral element added to your pool scape will wow all of your guest. They will add a fresh and decorative look to your party.







The lighting for a pool party is crucial! This is the one element that that sets the mood and ambiance for the rest of the evening. By hanging string lights across and around the pool, the water will reflect the lights and make the entire scene glow. What’s not to love? These fabulous lights come in large and small, but either size has can set the tone for a beautiful night. 




Selecting food and beverage for a pool party can be kind of tricky. Chips and dip get old after about 5 minutes, so for your next summer bash, try these Creamy Margarita Popsicles! They are easy to make and let be honest…who doesn’t crave a margarita in the summer time? Just be sure to either serve them immediately or on a frozen platter of ice so they don’t melt. 




No matter what drink you serve, whether it be punch, lemonade, or water, don’t just use plain old ice cubes. Quench your thirst by adding fruit to the ice! All you need to do it place fruit or garnish, such as mint leaves, to your ice trays and freeze. This brings any drink to life with just this little splash of color. 



These strawberry shortcake kabobs are great for a pool party. They are easy to display and are a no hassle snack for guest to walk around the party with. 




For all things entertaining style, follow me, your entertaining expert.  Style, sophistication, and fantastic fun.












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