Lawson Roberts' Guide To Engagement Rings: What To Know And How To Choose

Shopping for jewelry is no easy task.  Shopping for an engagement ring is even harder and having the pressure of popping the big question can make it all the more difficult. So before you even start shopping, keep these things 8 key things in mind. 


1. Shape is Number 1: The first thing to know is that the shape of the stone determines the geometry. Keep in mind that the cut of the stone relates to the angles of the facets within the stone itself.


2. The Setting: It is imperative that you have a quality setting. This is the structure in which the stone is mounted. Deciding on the correct setting, whether it be a classic four prong structure or something less traditional, can be a tricky task but also will also set the entire tone for the ring. 


3. Her Style: Pay attention to what she wears and the type of jewelry she likes. You can always ask a family member or a best friend to help you out, but if you want this to be a complete surprise, turn your eyes on an take notes. 


4. Choosing the Metal: The band of the ring can come in a variety of metals. A popular choice lately has been platinum. It is the most durable and is great for those who have sensitive skin. Pay attention to what color she wears most. If she’s always wearing gold, you know right away which direction to go. 


5. Loose Stone, No Problem:  A lot of people think that you buy the ring and its over. That’s not always the case. The rings you see at the jewelers are most of the time just samples. You’ll probably be buying loose stones so make sure you and a jeweler inspect it thoroughly. Most of the cost is in the stone, so why not pick them out yourself  and make it fabulous?


6. Budget In Mind: No matter what your budget, you can give your future fiancee a magnificent ring. Don’t buy anything that is way out of reach. Your fiancee doesn’t want you to go into major debt. So if she she is set on the size of the stone and you don’t have the budget to give her that, go with more surface area and sacrifice on the sparkle. If she doesn’t want to budge on the look of the stone, go with a size that is just short of the next carat. This can save you nearly 20 percent. 


7. Shopping Safely: Ask friends or family what kind of experiences they’ve had with what jewelers. If you don’t have any leads, do some of your own research and look for places that are accredited by Jewelers of America or Gemological Institute of America, which are great starting points. 


8. The Six Week Rule: Rings don’t just appear within a week of when you place the order. So this takes major planning. Most rings take up to six weeks or longer depending if you have custom ordered it. And if you’re going to get an inscription on the inside, be sure to request it when you place the order.

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