Lawson Roberts' Easy Way To Arrange A Buffet

Ever wonder how to set out a buffet of food to not have huge lines and to ensure that it looks perfect? It’s not as hard as you might think.




Buffets are fabulous when hosting a small or a  large group of guests. I love them because  they’re easy to assemble and also easy on the eyes. 


Here are some tips on arranging a buffet, whether it be casual or remarkably lavish.


1. First things first- how do you arrange the plates? The clean plates should be at the beginning of your buffet. Next come the cold items followed by the hot items. Last on the table is your silverware and napkins. This is best for two reasons; one so your guest doesn’t have to juggle their forks and spoons while filling their plate, and two so they know which utensils they will need depending on their selection. Also, I always like to grab a few extra napkins if its something a little messy!


2. A buffet should always appear full. If you’re using a larger table, group the food together! If the table isn’t actually full, place decor, coffee, or dessert at the ends. 




3. For a more extravagant buffet, offer multiples of each category. If you’re offering fishes and meats, keep them on separate tables. If space is limited, a simpler way to do this is with a centerpiece or by placing them with different sides; fish with rice, meat with potatoes, etc. Be sure to have plates, silverware, and napkins at each end!


4. To assure the buffet is well-balanced, I recommend including a protein, vegetable, salad, bread, and a grain based dish.


5. For outdoor buffets, keep the food covered until it’s time to dine. To be extra safe, set out citronella candles among the area.  It is of note to find the citronella candles that do not have a scent to them. Nothing worse than having you BBQ brisket have a flowery smell to it.




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