Lawson Roberts Attack of the Foodie and Theater Fringe

I arrived to the city as usual and called an UBER to pick me up at the airport earlier last week. Great ride into town from JFK. Time to hit the ground running. I pulled up to my penthouse loft in SOHO which looked awesome on paper and online and for the most part it’s really lovely. I pulled up to the door buzzed in and then realized that nowhere had she told me or online did the place say it was a 5 story walk up. Despite having 3 bags, after 2 almost  heart attacks, I made it up the steps with burning legs and all.

My first comment was that well, I know that I would be in fabulous shape if I had to deal with that every day. The penthouse loft is gorgeous as expected. It had this very artsy vibe.

With a 5th floor walk up one needs to check and double check if they have everything that they need. Getting down the 5 flights and realizing you had forgotten something can be a real BITCH!  For instance, I was in a hurry to get to a show the other night that I forgot my pocket square. If you know me, you know that is blasphemy! However, a quick decision had to be made. I ended up going without. I of course took my jacket off and just carried it. A good southern boy can’t be without a pocket square. I mean what the hell!?!!!

So  I saw 2 shows this weekend that were part of the Theater Fringe. Both were excellent in their own ways. I will post a review of both later.

I am recovering from the week of walk ups now and thank goodness China Town is not far with brilliant massage establishments.

Be on the look out for a BLOG coming up about these martian foodies I ran into!


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