Lawson Roberts' Amazing Valentines Day Gifts


It’s Valentine’s Day and you haven’t gotten a gift yet? oh SH*T!!!! Here are some fun ideas for you.


Leave a surprise love note hanging from his or her car mirror.





Make a memory jar!




Use a Mason jar to fill memorabilia saved throughout your relationship. This can be anything from movie and museum tickets to the ring he won you at an arcade. There’s no better way to display cherished memories without being cheesy. For the manliest men, consider using a clear bottle of their favorite liquor; they’ll be sure to put it on display!



Assemble a gift bouquet with his favorite essentials




Keep the intimacy of Valentine’s Day in spirit with this sexy truth or dare game.


Leave a note!


If you already have a gift in mind but aren’t exactly known for being romantic, there is a fabulous way to make traditional not so traditional. Attach a decorated note to the gift indicating a spot and time to meet that night.





Sweep her off her feet



Nothing says I love you to a girl like SHOES. Ask one of her close friends if there’s a pair of heels she’s had her eye on. Wrap the box with a note saying “wear these tonight” placed inside.


WARNING: You might also need to invest in a bottle of wine to bribe the friend not to blab!




Make a variety of cards for the days he or she needs a little pick me up!





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