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Lawson Roberts Adventures at Tempest Charleston Restaurant

I had the pleasure of attending dinner with a lovely side kick at the brand new Tempest Charleston Restaurant in Charleston SC. I have to say it’s always a challenge to open a new restaurant of any kind. It’s more than a challenge to do so in the midst of a pandemic. ┬áThe team that brings you 5 Church in Charleston and Charlotte have managed to hit a HUGE home run. The architecture is nothing short of breathtaking in this 2 floor establishment. I always judge places by how comfortable the bar stools are. I could literally pull 3 together and feel quite comfy napping they’re so lovely.

The ceiling is adorned by thousands of pieces of stained glass that they retained a local market street artisan to piece together in a huge tableau in the ceiling. Quite delightful on the eye.

Service was perfectly trained and knew their wines which is always something I am hopeful for.

Now let’s get down to the food. I started with the Low Country Oyster Co smoked raw oysters. Just the simplest hint of charcoal smoke from their brand new state of the art charcoal heated ovens. It is of note the 3 sauces that are offered to pair. Check out LOCO Oyster’s website link and see how they work their magic with oysters here in town.

My friend enjoyed the grilled and smoked caesar salad.

I then had the Swordfish which I am still going gaga over as it was the perfect portion and the flavor Oh MY!

Ashley my friend had the Snapper as seen here.

Of course 2 desserts a grapefruit sponge cake and a pot du creme. Seen here is the sponge cake.

The night was complete with a complimentary Brandy and Cigar tasting along with a rose for the lady. As per norm in the background, one of my signature jackets.

Sauvignon blanc and a red blend paired perfectly with our entrees. A huge congratulations to the team over at Tempest and as I am already sure based upon the fabulous location at 32 North Market Street, the food, and top of the line service, this will no doubt be another hole in 1 for their team. Thank you again for the wonderful southern hospitality to Alejandro and Patrick.

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