Lawson Roberts' 3 Must Haves For Wedding Receptions

Thinking of ways to make your wedding reception more fun? Don’t stress! Here are some fun, flirty, fabulous ideas that will make your night magical and won’t break your budget. These will make your special day all the more memorable and your guests will be totally impressed. 


1. The Selfie Station


We are living in the “selfie” era after all. How fun would it be to allow your guests to take celebration selfies of themselves so you can see first hand what a fantastic time they had. Have an iPad or tablet set up along with a back drop or an Instagram cutout so the photos can be taken instantly. Be sure to include a hashtag so you can see a live update of all the photos. 


2. Confetti Drop


Flower petals, balloons, or sparkling paper are fantastic ways to surprise your guests on the dance floor. Paper or balloons are both totally affordable too! There is something about things floating from the ceiling that just have an enchanting effect. This idea absolutely will not disappoint. 


3. Flip-Flops Shoe Exchange


Let’s face it ladies love to rock the heels. However at some point it’s time kick them off and get down on the dance floor. Give yourself and the guests a break from aching feet. Along with their place setting, attach a ticket to the flip flop station so they can exchange their uncomfortable shoes for some flip flops. The dancing will last all night! 




These ideas are simple and don’t take much work! They are easy crowd pleasers that will make your night extraordinary. Step away from tradition and try some of my favorite wedding reception ideas!


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