Lawson Love Produce- Guide To Summer's Freshest


Grocery shopping is already a tedious task. But not knowing what produce is in season or how to determine what a reasonable price is can be even more time consuming. Something to remember is that the grocery stores stock up on the fruits and veggies that are most plentiful during that time.

These will be the cheapest in price as well as the best tasting!

Here is a guide from me to you of the produce that is the best for the closing or July and the beginning of August!



What could be better than some Mexican Street Corn, Artichoke dip,  or Fried Okra?? It’s the perfect time to utilize these veggies and entertain friends with some fantastic and fresh dishes. 


-Green Beans








-Vine and Cherry Tomatoes




Making a peach pie pie in the middle of summer is THE thing to do.

How about accenting that pie with some fresh strawberries?

 Buy these fruits fresh and organic for the most natural and bountiful flavor. Your body and taste buds will thank you!
Remember to use all these incredible fruits for a killer morning smoothie or fruit salad!

-Navel Oranges









For all things entertaining style, follow me, your entertaining expert.  Style, sophistication, and fantastic fun.













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