Lawson-Event Planners Mark Ups Revealed




One of the things that I pride myself on is full transparency when it comes to costs for our clients. Here’s how we do it.  When we are retained, we find the best products for the best pricing for the event. From there, we present the client with the invoice from each vendor and the client pays the vendor directly. This allows for them to often times even receive our industry discount. At the very end we put our percentage for planning and producing on top and create the perfect party.




This is not how some others in the business do it. We knew we might not be the most popular to reveal some trade secrets. However, we felt it time to ensure you as our followers and clients see that this is the best way to handle each and every event.


Other producers often times will mark up invoices by as much as 20% then add a percentage on for producing. So in fact a chair that would cost $8.00 to rent could be 40% more!!!!


Below we have listed some items and their average cost so you know what to expect and what you’re working with.


Chairs/Rentals:  I love using a classing ballroom chair called Chivaris. They’re super elegant and works for many styles of events.  These chairs average between $8.00-10.00 at a rental house.



Remember to simply ask your planner for a copy of the invoice so that you can see what each and every item you need for the event is being used and the price should be what it should be.



Bands/Entertainment: Always insist on seeing the contract yourself. Often times this is a huge place for mark ups. Also, you can double check all the details such as load in, hospitality requirements, should the band require additional sound and lighting etc. Band pricing clearly varies. Often configured for how many hours playing, how many band members, and the type of event you are booking the entertainment for.  For example  band that would charge $3500.00 for a birthday party would charge  much more for a wedding. Why you may ask? A lot more work and time goes into ensuring the wedding is perfect for guests.



Table Cloths: Often fall under rentals. However when you wish for something more glamorous or fancy, they can take a life unto themselves. Just ask for the invoice so you can see what you’re being charged.




You get the point. It’s always important to check and see that you’re spending wisely and it’s really that simple. 


If you’re using a credit card for your event, make sure to ask for a credit card authorization form from your planner for each vendor and you pay directly. This avoids any issues.


What percentage is fair for the Producer to charge? Keep in mind that it takes a great deal of time and energy to ensure that your party is perfect.15-25% is fair depending on the scope of work.


We look forward to being of service to all of our clients. Keep up with all of the event fun by following us on instagram. www.instagram.com/lawsonevents.


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