It's Bubbly Baby!

While in the middle of the holiday season, it seems more and more Champagne is consumed around the world. I am here to tell you that I as well as many friends I know don’t just wait for the holidays to enjoy the bubbly! We consume it year round. Here are some interesting facts for you to get you set for New Year’s Eve.


When you go to the store to get your Champagne, know that it has already been aged and is ready to be consumed. I always suggest putting your bubbly in an ice bucket about an hour in advance. Champagne is best consumed ICE COLD!!! I always keep about a half case in the fridge just in case.

One of the biggest challenges I see with people is knowing the proper protocol for opening bubbly. Despite what you may have been told, making the cork bullet off the bottle and create a huge pop is NOT what you want to do. It is not suggested and it is not safe either. I have seen people get hit right in the head with the cork or even worse the eye.


Here are the proper steps:

1. Take off the foil covering the cork.
2. Put your hand on top of the cork and carefully unwind the metal wire cage and dispose of it.
3. I am right handed so hold the cork tightly with your left hand and the bottom of the bottle with your right.
4. Slowly twist the bottle at the bottom while holding the cork tightly. Do not let the cork fly out of your hand.
5. This will allow a classy style pop and you will not lose any of your bubbly.

Champagne is and supposed to always be served in a flute, which is a long glass the preserved the tiny bubbles.

Here is some history/trivia for you:

A half bottle of champagne is 275 ml

Bottle  750 ml

Magnum  2 bottles

Jeroboam 4 bottles

Rehoboam  6 bottles

Mathusalem 8 bottles

Salmanazar  12 bottles

Nabuchodonosor 20 bottles

Your average decent bottle of champagne will run you between $40.00-$170.00 dollars. You can find great options in the lower price bracket.

Happy New Year to you and enjoy some bubbly this coming weekend.


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