It's All About Ice

Ice is a component that we all know and love when we are enjoying our cold cocktails this time of year. It has in recent years become even more important in its style and presentation for cocktail connoisseurs. I thought I would share some insight on the differences and what they are used for.

It’s so easy for the customer to pay no attention to the importance of ice cubes. I’m here to tell you they’re expensive. You know those 1 inch cubes? $4,500 for a Kold-Draft machine that makes those rock-solid 1-inch cubes. The machine produces about 650 pounds a day and the cubes are used in clear spiritous drinks and in the long or tall drinks.

The crushed ice machine costs about $2000.00. Who would have thought that ice could be so expensive.


Least we not forget the hand cut cubes. These are way cool! It’s something that happens about once a week where bars will buy one big block of ice. They will then take a chain saw and break it up and then perfectly shape it into one larger cube to fit into your glass. This is fabulous.

Death and Co. in NYC really set the standard for this type of service. It has spread like crazy all over the country.


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