Ice Ice Baby! Lawson's Couture Ice Cube Craze!



Tired of the same old same old when it comes to making drinks that are meant to impress your guests? If you really want to amaze them, think about the ice cubes. Sounds silly, but trust me, they are a game changer! Ice can be molded into all shapes and sizes, so why not have fun with it? Using these few tips will surely “bedazzle” your cocktail station.



Some mixed drinks call for a certain amount of ice in order to keep its flavor and intensity. When serving a gin and tonic or whiskey on the rocks, try using one large sphere of ice. The density of this ice piece will make it melt drastically slower than many small chunks of ice. Instead of watering the drink down, this will keep the drink chilled and icy for optimum enjoyment!



For drinks that include tequila or vodka, I like to incorporate long thin ice cubes to add dimension and variety to the drink. These cocktails don’t diminish in flavor if it becomes watered down, so it’s not neccesary to use something with great density.



Adding extra color to a cocktail is never a bad idea. Using regular ice trays, place sprigs of herbs or fruit in the hole and cover with water. They herbs will be bright in color and the fruit will pop with brightness. These cubes look fabulous in drinks with clear alcohol or even water!



A wine bucket can easily be spruced up simply by the ice cubes you use. Take a look in your garden and pick some flowers to freeze. One of my favorites is picking some roses and freezing them in large cubes. Remember to make these cubes large and dense so they melt slower. This is a spectacular idea for a wedding!





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