Gay Weddings Are Chic and Fabulous In The City

It is such an exciting time in New York with the legalization of Gay Marriage. It got me to thinking just how creative we can get and more over what are some the latest trends on what I’m seeing our clients really taking a liking to.  I have to say it’s really fabulous for me because we get to really recreate the wheel  to do all kinds of new and exciting things, while remaining as classic and traditional as our clients wish.


We collaborated with the Gay Wedding Institute to offer some of the hottest trends for you to enjoy. I was so pleasantly pleased to see that many of these same trends we have already offered some of our upcoming wedding clients in the city and beyond.

With the idea of celebration, guests are seeing pre-ceremony champagne and signature drinks offered for about a half hour prior to the ceremony. I have even seen full open bars being offered. It first sets that celebratory vibe but also can take the edge off of any guest that is not 100% excited to be attending a gay wedding. One must think of everything!!!




The use of candles have really taken the place of florals for decor. I particularly love this idea. It’s one of those ideas that can be as classically elegant chic or even lend itself to a more edgy look. Clustered candles as centerpieces. Floating candles. Candleabras. A series of pillars clustered. 





Two aisles continue to be a huge trend. It is quite a lovely metaphor as well. 2 becoming one. Think about it. This also allows for unique and individualized aisles as well. This also gives the bride and bride and groom and groom their own space. Tres Cool!


Make it a Wedding Weekend! This has been a trend for all of my clients recently. It seems that with more and more destination weddings, people want to come for the entire weekend. Now I know what you’re thinking. . rehearsal dinner and brunches. . .oh it’s so more involved than that. . think day trips, wine tastings, obstacle courses, group outings baby!


Dresses for the brides are anything but typical. I have even seen little black cocktail dresses being worn. It’s simply saying to the guests. . . expect the absolute unexpected.



So no matter your taste or style, things are very exciting in the city and I am so thrilled to be right in the middle of it all offering our signature creative style to any wedding. Remember to keep up with all things entertaining style by checking out my national radio show The Sunday Morning Mimosa. If you can’t get it in your city, jump on our website at www.lawsonroberts.com and click the radio show button.


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In the mean time, have a lovely weekend all and thanks for reading!!


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