Friday Doesn't Have To Be Black

Ok, here I go. What is up with all of the crazy people out there all but stampeding  themselves to get into Walmart? One employee in Long Island was actually killed today. This is not what the meaning of Christmas is about.


Listen, I like a good sale like the rest. However, as I was making my fabulous left over turkey sandwich  today, I couldn’t help to think what the crazy people were after and so desperate to get that they would take life into their own hands and literally run over people to get.


I implore you to remember the reason for the season. It’s all about giving  and caring and loving people. Please keep the poor employee who lost their life working in your thoughts and prayers.


Now with that said, December is my favorite month of the year. So many fabulous parties, lighting and decor designs and more. I promise to share with you all the best of the best.


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Cheers to a happy start to your holiday.

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