Farm to Table Nirvana

ON a some what rainy and cold Thursday night my assistant Adam and I were invited to enjoy dinner at one of Charleston’s newest restaurants as part of a soft opening. Husk is located on Queen Street in the historic district. The concept is one that I have absolutely fallen in love with. It is the complete farm to table ideology. The big thing is every ingredient served with every dish is found only in a southern state.

We started off with some amazing snacks including local crab claws with a brilliant dipping sauce, also an amazing array of various hams and a house made sweet and spicy mustard.

Our appetizers were out of this world:

OK I will admit, I have not always been a big quail fan. I would have to say mainly because of its gamey nature. Well Chef Sean Brock has hit one out of the park. he stuffs his quail with a house made bologna and cheddar cheese!! It was described to me as his take on the cheddar stuffed hot dog in his own style. It was so cool because it totally had no gamey flavor at all.

Let’s move into entrees: i ordered the duck because my friend and food critic Holly Herrick told me I would be in for a surprise. Adam ordered the Trigger Fish. OK so Duck first: prepared flawlessly. . topped with granola!!!! You heard me correct granola! a big old butter nut squash piece, sauteed cabbage was perfect. The trigger fish was beyond incredible with his rich and flavorful whipped potatoes, local shrimp. .divine!

Desserts came with french press coffee and were really fun. Chef’s play on a Little Debbie oatmeal cake was mind blowing.

The design and flow of the room was really well done. Lighting flowed well, noise level as generally is an issue was not at all. Look for the wonderful use of heirloom tomatoes all over the down stairs.

Service in all of my years was executed better on night 3 than anywhere I have ever seen all over the world.

Husk is settling in for what seems to be a long and enjoyable run.

Congrats and thanks to all!!


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