Entertaining with the Perfect Party Foods



Ok, let’s face it Walking in to see the same old carving station is just boring. I like to keep things new and fresh. Here are some fun ideas for your next party.



The French Fry Station: I love this one. Now here’s the secret. Make sure you have heat lamps that will keep these savory morsels nice and hot.





 The Biscuit Bar:  Whether you’re from the North South or even West home made biscuits are just flat out awesome. Pair them with savory and sweet toppings and spreads and oh boy it’s epic!




The Sushi Station:   I do love a live sushi rolling station. It always flashes me back to the Sex and The City Movie. Long story but watch if you have not! It’s the perfect sized bite that is always helpful to pop in the mouth while balancing a cocktail.






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