Effective Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Congratulations. You’re getting married. Now you know you have been dreaming about all of this for quite some time. You know you have the perfect linen picked out in your mind. You have pictured the most incredible floral arrangements for years. You have THE best band already pre-chosen. Now how do you pay for it?

While we do fantasy/fairy tale dream weddings all the time, I find one of the more endearing parts of my job is to allow a bride to figure a way to get her dream idea delivered at a cost she can afford. Let’s face it, not everyone has ann unlimited budget. Especially in these economic times. I find more and more couples are on a very strict budget. 

I have formulated some great ways for you to save and not diminish your overall event.


Save on Postage for Save The Dates:

 I know you have the cute magnet in your head. People love doing it. However, you might consider instead of going to the expense of a printed save the date where you pay for the actual invite, envelope, and stamp, creating a save the date video that you email to all of your guests. This is a really fun way of showing your personality as a couple to your guests in advance. You can shoot it for free on your smart phone and edit it in a program like final cut pro.

 Everyone’s Pictures:

 It is no big secret that wedding photographers can be expensive! They can be down right crazy expensive. Here is an interesting way to save some money. You’re hiring a photographer because you want to capture beautiful images of yourselves and not so much of other guests (it’s okay to admit it!), hire them for the pre-wedding and ceremony images only. Releasing your photographer before the reception can save you hundreds of dollars, and there’s an easy way to capture memorable, candid images for free. Set up a shared Flickr account so that guests can upload the photos and videos they captured at your event. If you like the popular reception photo booth, create the same experience (for free) by streaming the Flickr images live onto the wall during the reception, using a projector. Guests will get a kick out of the “real-time” nature of the photo show, and your army of shutterbugs will stay motivated to keep snapping images.



Signature Drink VS Full Bar:

 Again, it is no secret that over 51% of your entire budget of your wedding goes towards your reception. Here is an easy way to save money. Instead of a full bar which can run between $30.00-$45.00 per person, offer your guests craft beer, a nice choice of wine and a signature drink. This can, in times, cut your budget for the bar in well over half!




 Stay in One Place:

 Often times church rentals can run into the  several thousands of dollars once you have paid everyone. Find a venue that is beautiful that you can do the ceremony and reception together. This saves on decor, staffing, and so much more.


Students Perform:

 I have been blessed with both of our business locations that we have access to BRILLIANT  school aged kids that play classical music extraordinarily well. It comes as no surprise that ceremony musicians that are professional  come with a professional rate charge. Find the School of the Arts in your city and ask for some extra talented kids. This will not only create an unforgettable experience for your guests, but will also save you so much money.


There are so many ways to get creative and save if you need to for your wedding. You can always count on us to offer the most cutting edge and savvy cost saving methods for you.



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