Designer Tastes On A Budget…OH MY!

One of the challenges of our business is to give our clients exactly what they want at all times. After all, I am the artist that has to get into the head of our client and paint their picture to achieve the overall marketing goal of the event. With some clients it is quite easy because funding is limitless and the sky literally is the limit.

However, most of the time, it is my job to help figure out a way even on a budget to achieve the said aesthetic. Here are a few ways that you can still have a lovely event with out it breaking the bank.

Save the Bar: of course one of the biggest key elements to any cocktail event is the bar. Now it is no surprise that this can be a huge ticket item. Open bars for 3-4 hours in itself can be thousands of dollars. Then you have to add in the necessary labor to support the bar as well. My suggestion is if budget is an issue, simply offer a selection of 3 beers, a red and white wine that is tasty but is not incredibly expensive and then one signature cocktail that is available. A helpful hint to this would be to not make it too sweet. People will be more inclined to have more than one. It’s a simple and effective way to cut corners while not looking cheap.

Share Share Alike: be sure to ask your planner if there is anyway that you might share the cost of rentals with a client that may be just before your event or just after your event. You can get great discounts on multi-day event rentals from all kinds of companies such as tent rental, audio visual, glassware, tables and chairs etc.

Utilize the Entertainment: instead of hiring someone completely different from your party band to play piano or guitar for the cocktail reception, utilize what you already have. You will get a much better rate. The band is already there, so use one of their guys to fill in the gap.

Schedule your deliveries during normal business: if you have the ability, make sure your rental companies are coming to drop off your items during the week and picking it up during the week. There are always extra fees added for special drop offs and pick ups. You can save tons right here!

It is the little details such as this that will help you and your pocket book. Happy Eventing!!!!

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