Behind The Hole in One On Location At The Masters

Let it be known, I am not the formidable golf aficionado. However, I have always had a hunger to learn more about the sport. It’s hard not to when you see such players as Tiger vs a 14 year old.  I was recently down at The Masters working for a corporate client that I adore doing events for.

I thought it would be neat to take you in on the inside of the makings of how we produce these world class events and then at the same time take you on a mini “tour” of Augusta. It’s NOT what it seems. It is quite contrary.

Let’s start at the beginning. We have been fortunate enough to have a corporate client that allows us to travel the country and the world working on designing and implementing their events.


This in it self is such a blessing. I am thrilled to add our creative touches to them.  Now with that being said, there is nothing easy about these events. It takes a small army. They find gorgeous houses that we turn into hospitality houses where they host clients and friends of the company. We produce gourmet breakfasts and 5 course dinners by celebrity chef Brett Mckee.



Each house is a shell upon our arrival. We must bring in everything. By everything, I mean everything! From plates, napkins, designer linens, flowers, silverware, lighting,  storage racks, etc.



 From the catering division, everything from pots, pans, to butter and salt and pepper.  We are creating a fine dining restaurant in a house every single night. It is quite the operation.



Months of organization goes into writing the menus, pairing the wines, organizing the rental lists just to have the perfect experience for the guests. I have found that more and more exclusive groups are going this route. They would prefer the privacy of their own home/restaurant than going out. This holds true especially when dealing with high powered CEO’s and super premium guests.

I will tell you the food is always excellent and the design is flawless.



Brett’s beautiful seared chateaubriand with Foie 



Lawson’s signature up lighting effects with old school cafe lighting over the pool.


One of the  most surprising things as I was cruising into town, people were lined up all over the streets scalping tickets!


 I also quickly noticed that the city of Augusta was nothing more than what seemed a bunch of box box stores and chain restaurants. I could not get over it. How could a place that I had heard of for years that seemingly glimmered gold, really be this hole of a town that seemed more like the outer skirts. I must preface, I did not have the time to get down to old Augusta on the river. This is apparently their “historic district.”

Now on with the Golf. If you were lucky enough to obtain tickets to get in the “golden gates”


once through them, all is forgotten. You are immediately transported to a time where nothing else matters. Golf is King and boy is it ever. Now these tickets are NOT cheap! They can run up to $6000.00.



So once you get through the Augusta National gates, what is such a surprise is that the food like the FAMOUS Pimento Cheese sandwich is only $1.50. An ice cold beer is only $4.00 and more over a soft drink. . . wait for it. . . . $$2.00. WHAT IN THE HELL? WHERE AM I? OZ???


All in all it was a lovely week of events. Our clients loved every minute of it and we were off to do another week at the Heritage.

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