Are You "THAT" Person At A Holiday Party?

It’s inevitable. There is always that someone at the holiday party that does that something that has everyone talking  until the next year’s holiday party! We here at Lawson Roberts have designed a fool proof list to ensure that someone being talked about isn’t you!


1. Don’t arrive to late for the party. It is the holiday season and people do know that we double and triple book ourselves. However, make sure that you  keep the office party as the priority and  make it your first stop.


2. Don’t bring an uninvited guest. Do not assume that a guest is included. Especially when the economy is the way it is, many offices are limiting their parties to just the office worker. There is nothing worse than bringing your spouse uninvited. Talk about awkward!


3. Do not get the boss a holiday gift.  do a group office gift instead. The reasoning is simply office dynamics. No one wants to look like they are sucking up to the boss. Jump in the office pool and get a group gift. It’s so much easier!


4. Do not talk shop at the party. This is a difficult one for some. However, it is  a social occasion and people want to blow some steam off.


5. Don’t get too intoxicated. Keep it professional. You can still have fun, but be mindful  that the boss is still watching you.


6. Don’t break the major rules of conversation. Don’t talk politics or religion. However this goes for any event anywhere.


7. Don’t pass on the office party.  Not attending could hurt your rep at the office, and you want to look like a team player.


8. Don’t pull out the nightclub attire for the big event; nothing too revealing, and nothing too flashy.  It’s an office party after all.


9. Don’t assume everyone celebrates the same holidays.  Don’t go overboard on the Merry Christmas.  I mean, someone could be celebrating festivus after all!


10. Don’t forget to thank the host or person responsible for coordinating the event.  Make sure to write a thank you note to upper management as well.


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