America's Favorite Food Gone Gourmet! Fabulous Burgers And Buns For Grilling!

Ok, I admit it! I adore a good burger. It’s one food that you get to show off your grilling  skills and wow yourself or entire sets of guests. Starting with a fantastic patty, I have broadened my burger horizons and taken a taste of these gourmet American favorites. Here are a few of my most favorite burgers for you  to try for your Memorial Day.



Mediterranean Lamb Burger


Check out this out! Instead of using regular ground beef, try ground lamb. This is a fabulous Mediterranean twist and is completely mouth watering. The feta cheese puts this sandwich through the roof. You can find ground lamb at any butcher shop or Whole Foods.

Click here for the recipe






Lobster Burger with Browned Butter Lemon Aioli 


Who would have thought a burger could get anymore incredible? This seafood burger incorporates lobster, shrimp, and just a few bread crumbs. The salsa is a fabulous addition and is perfect for the Summer. You can even make it just to have later with some chips. Make sure you use a high quality bun for this as you don’t want to ruin this sandwich with low quality bread. 

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Chicken Teriyaki Burger with Grilled Pineapple 


Chicken burgers are a healthier option than choosing beef all the time. The teriyaki is a flavorful addition but the grilled pineapple gives this burger a Hawaiian punch that’s totally irresistible. Whole wheat buns are the perfect consistency and can perfectly stand up to the immense flavor this burger brings!

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Portabella Burger with Sundried Tomato Pesto


Here is a healthy vegan option! You can never go wrong with some balsamic and a great portabella. Another great thing about these is the simplicity! Just a quick 20 minute marinade and you’re back to enjoying these long summer days. 

Click here for the recipe




Hearty Pulled Pork Barbecue Burger


To keep the tradition with a fabulous beef patty but still bring the flavor over the top, add some pulled pork! This is will keep all your guests full, especially the men. Make a pig of yourself and indulge in these oh-so-tasty burgers. 

Click here for the recipe




Once you try these insanely good burgers, you’ll just have to show off your great taste to your friends. Through a back yard party and flaunt your grilling skills. Your friends are sure to be impressed and will be coming back for more. 


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