8 Creative Valentines

It’s Valentine’s day and you’ve been racking your brain as to how you can be romantic without being cheesy?


 I mean let’s face it, there is a very fine line. Here are some fun ideas to keep it cool and romantic all at the same time.


Sometimes it really is the little things that add up to be the sweetest.


Gift wrap a wishbone in a jewelry box.
Send it to her with a note that says,
“I wish you were here.”



Unplug the TV.

Put a note on the screen saying,
 “Turn me on instead.”



 Go through revolving doors together.



 Write him a little love note.

 Insert it into the book he’s reading.



Greet her at the door with one single red rose and a bottle of champagne as opposed to just walking in the house or apartment the same old way you always do.



Hire a pianist to accompany your romantic in home dinner



Remember your first date? That date where you knew he or she was the one? Re-create it in your home complete with props, food and wine.


  Remove all the little paper strips that say “kisses” on a couple hundred Hershey’s kisses. Fill a little jewelry box with them. Wrap them up and present the box to her with a gift certificate telling he or she that each kiss is redeemable for the real thing whenever they would like.



However, you decide to do it, make sure you be creative. Remember what we say, Candy is not creative. Happy Valentine’s day from all of us on the LR team!


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