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It’s Oscar Eve. Stars all around LA are starving themselves tonight, wrapping themselves in something to lose that extra pound or 2 and bottoming like crazy! It’s the last of the big daddy award shows tomorrow.  I always love to bring you behind the scenes to see what’s really happening at the theater and at the big parties. I mean if we all could be invited we sure would be there right?

So here’s some sneak peaks into the world of Oscar.

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck will once again be catering the Academy’s official after party. The 1,500 guests are in for a night of fine food and a lot of edible gold dust.



Puck and chef Matt Bencivenga have created a menu of 50 mouth-watering dishes to serve at the March 2 event. These include some old favorites, like spicy tuna tartare in a sesame miso cone and smoked salmon “Oscar” matzo, as well as new fares like wild salmon with ginger and almonds.



The menu also includes upscale versions of classic comfort foods, including macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie and baked potatoes. In this case, the potatoes are paired with caviar, and the pot pie has shaved black truffles.




You know we can’t forget about our vegetarians and vegans. They  will have a number of dishes to choose from at the party. Vegan items include taro root tacos with avocado and white bean quinoa cakes with roasted pepper, while vegetarians can opt for the aged cheddar grilled cheese or the pasta with roasted chestnut and truffles.




There will also be a slew of seafood options. 


1,300 farmed oysters


 7,500 individual shrimp 


and 1,250 stone crab claws will be served.




A Hollywood-themed cake honoring Puck’s 20th turn as Governors Ball caterer will be presented for dessert. Oscar statue-shaped sweets and several chocolate treats other additions to the menu. Some 10 pounds of edible gold dust will be used the night of the event.



Cocktails will actually be served for the first time backstage. Actors should be in quite the festive moods.


A selection of four Sterling Vineyards wines and a handcrafted Johnnie Walker cocktail will welcome guests of the Oscars.  Following the Awards telecast, party-goers at the Governors Ball will be dazzled by The Glamour Shot, a chic concoction featuring new Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon mixed with Goldschläger®Cinnamon Schnapps and served in a glass rimmed with edible flakes of real gold.

In a nod to Old Hollywood, guests can savor a Blood and Sand, a classic whisky-based cocktail originally created for the premiere of the1922 Valentino movie of the same name, or sip the supremely modern CÎROC Coco Light Martini.  The calorie-conscious  CÎROC cocktail has less than 130 calories .

Scotch enthusiasts attending the Governors Ball will be delighted to discover the Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky Bar, stocked with a range of deluxe whiskies, and featuring rare blends including Johnnie Walker Platinum Label andJohnnie Walker Blue Label, poured over hand carved ice.

John Legend will perform. It’s all happening in the  Ray Dolby Ballroom on the top level of the Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles.


Are you starving yet? Gosh, I know I am. Tune into the big radio show tomorrow for all the exciting details. I would love to have you follow me. You can do that by joining me at these fun locations:



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Have a great weekend!


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