Manners Matter

Lawson Roberts Says Dinner Party Manners Matter

It occurred to me last night as I was watching some millennials  attempt to sit through a formal dinner party and having this consistent lost look on their faces that it was time to do some teaching. I mean let’s face facts. We can’t always assume that they will have been brought up properly with appropriate table manners. So here we go. Here are some tips that we all should know and keep in play when attending a fun dinner event. Manners do Matter!

Fashionably Late? There is no such thing. It does not exist. Show up on time for a dinner party. It can throw the whole vibe off otherwise. If the invite says 7 it means arrive by 7. Why? Well it allows for an appropriate cocktail hour.

Dine as quietly as possible. Chew with your mouth closed and don’t slurp when you drink or eat soup.  Dip the soup spoon from the near edge of the bowl, then skim from the front of the bowl to the back. Cut your food one piece at a time, not all at once.

Portion Control.. When dining from the buffet, avoid Porky The Pig Disease and don’t load up your plate. It’s more elegant to take smaller, more civilized portions and make another trip to the buffet if you’re still hungry. How about when someone wants to try something you’re enjoying? Simply put a taste on the bread and butter plate and past along.

Let her Blow. Don’t ever blow your nose at the table. Always excuse yourself and then let is go. This is for a restaurant scenario too.

NO Pokemon Go at the table. Put your cell phone away. Unless someone is ill or you are a physician on call, there is no need to have a cell phone at the dinner table. If you need to make an urgent call, make it either before or after sitting down. If a real emergency occurs during dinner, excuse yourself and walk to another room to place the call.

Pass the Butter? Don’t ever reach for something. Please ask your table mate to pass what ever it may that you need.

What do you do with uses utensils?  Once used your utensils should not touch the table again. When finished with soup, your soup spoon should be rested on the under plate. If no under plate is provided, leave your soup spoon in the soup bowl. When you are resting, during a meal, your knife stays at the one o’clock position and your fork at the four o’clock position. Once you have finished eating, place your utensils parallel to each other across your plate, with the handles at the 4 o’clock position and the knife blade and fork tines resting close to the plate’s center. This silently informs your server that you are done eating and your plate can be removed.

Dining is not rocket science. However, you would be so surprised at what some know and what some do not. Be smart and practice these rules.

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Absolutely Lawson! It’s called Fine Dining for a reason.
I hope all will read your wonderful reminders!

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